IT Dept, LLC is an IT manage service company for computer networking. We provide support for small to medium-sized businesses, maximizing the technological investment for peak performance. Your IT systems need to enrich the life of your business, and we are devoted to keep them running smoothly 24/7.

IT Dept, LLC services are designed to provide enterprise level IT support & training within a small business budget. Since 2004, IT Dept, LLC has helped businesses throughout western Washington. We thrive in long-term relationships with our customers, big and small throughout the Puget Sound. Expect a comprehensive, reliable & affordable foundation that combine:

  • Enterprise Technology
  • Qualified Staff
  • Industry Standards
  • Computer Training
  • Prompt Responses

Managed Services

IT Dept, LLC brings stability through a reliable IT Network Management Plan.

Managed IT Services

Keep your computers running clean, fast & protected without a full-time IT staff.

  • Does your computer network seem slow, like a business interruption, and an unfortunate waste to precious time?
  • Are you concerned about security, viruses, spyware, and hackers, but lack expertise in IT patches and updates?
  • Would you like to have computers that run the way their supposed to?

What is IT Dept, LLC’s Managed Services and is it right for your business?

Managed IT Services is proactive execution of technological assets on behalf of the client through subscription.

  • Desktop Support
  • Server Support
  • Network Support
  • Software & Firmware
  • Telephony
  • PC Repairs

Managed Services is a service (not a product). It is delivered by us as the Managed Service Provider (MSP) and based on the subscription that fits your needs as a client. We specialize in helping small business owners eliminate computer complications. We have serviced over 100 small business owners throughout Western Washington, and would be fortunate to be of service to your IT needs!

With a Fixed Unlimited Service Plan, your computer network can be much more reliable by eliminate crashing, having routine updates & 24/7 firewall security. There is one low, fixed monthly rate, without any surprises, hidden costs, or the expense of a full time IT staff.

This IT service is ideal for small to mid-size business owners. If you want peace of mind, with full assurance, then IT Dept, LLC is here for you.

Server & network Support

Servers can be considered the core of a computer network. Our managed server support includes:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Storage Mirroring
  • Virtual & Cloud Backups
  • Cloud Synchronization
  • Upgrades & Migrations
  • Full Refresh
  • Administrative Security

IT Networks must be stable, secure & visionary. Our Network Managed Services strives toward:

  • CIO Oversite
  • Current Network Infrastructure
  • Firewall Protection
  • Speedy Bandwidth
  • SSID & VPN Management
Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data loss may cause financial loss. Business data goes hand in hand with business operations. Loss of data or temporary inaccessibility threatens progress, let alone functionality. Companies without a proactive data backup and recovery policies likely FAIL within 2 years of a major network disaster. This can ruin a reputation, lead to expensive litigations, & eventually lead to dissipation.


  • 24×7 monitoring
  • 256 bit AES data encryption
  • E-mail (Exchange) mailbox-level backups
  • Automated 15 minute, daily, weekly, and monthly incremental backups for recovery
  • Annual archive to USB drive recommended for long-term storage

Disaster Recovery

  • Tower or rack mount backup appliance
  • Storage size of 400GB, 1TB, and 23TB available
  • (uncompressed) RAID 1 and RAID 10 configurations available
  • 256-bit Encrypted online backup service
  • Annual archive to USB drive recommended for long-term storage
E-mail and hybrid cloud

The option of having your own personal cloud system is very possible.

What is an IT Dept, LLC Hybrid Cloud Solution?

The hybrid cloud is the combination of IT Dept, LLC, Microsoft, and your own private cloud platform. Using portability technology for data and applications, the cloud infrastructure communicates over an encrypted connection. You could access your data from anywhere, and have a personal company email software as well.

The saying goes, “if you don’t host it, you don’t own it!” Place all your data within your on computer network, and it is always yours!

Security and Virus Protection

Security Cameras

Presence is the first response to a threat. When people know they are being monitored, their activity usually becomes much more civilized. And if they do not act appropriately, and a picture is worth a thousand words…how much more a video?

  • NVR Systems
  • DVR Systems
  • 360 Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras

Firewalls & IP Configurations

A firewall is an amazing layer of defense against malicious software. They block unwanted data traffic allowing your computer network to run much more smoothly. And with the right public & local IP configurations, you can be sure data access is designed accordingly, with the accessibilities you desire for your separate departments.

Virus, Malware & Ransomware Protection

Computer hacking has become more prevalent. Software designed to infiltrate IT networks appear to be evolving. IT Dept, LLC offers licenses for the last line of defense if threats make it through the first layers of protection. Every layer you lay can be the one that saves your business computer assets.

Workstation & User Support
  • Do you sometimes come across a computer error & require immediate assistance?

We provide remote support. This service can be done through our “Quick Support” & “Host Support” link. It allows us to see what you see. For any of our clients, always refer to the customer support link. We are here to help! If you are a new customer, feel free to contact us. We are very happy to provide any IT support that we can!

File Synchronization

The idea is simple. If you made changes to a document on your phone, it should appear updated on your desktop. If you upload a photo to particular folder on your desktop, your coworker should see it placed in that specific folder on their laptop.

File synchronization is as it sounds. Updates & changes made on one device appear immediately on the next device. This process is also known as cloud mirroring.

Supplemental IT and Staffing
  • Is it difficult to determine a benefiting cost for an IT staff?
  • Are you paying any random available IT person to correct your network issues and attaining poor results?

IT Dept, LLC provides customized, supplemental IT support solutions. This fills the IT need for your company at a cost lower than hiring additional internal employees.

7 things to expect…

1.) Response In 30 minutes.

Our professional technicians answer immediately or respond within thirty minutes. We value your time & understand the need to resolve technical issues.

2.) Fast Repairs.

You likely do not want to wait for a computer to be fixed. We provide remote network support services. If your system is completely offline, we can dispatch a technician that same business day.

3.) Clear Communication.

You will get clear answers to your IT questions. We will not use unfamiliar technical jargon, leaving you to question you comfortability.

4.) 100% Satisfaction.

Our IT consulting and technology support services will give you the satisfaction you deserve. You get what you pay for, and with us you will pay for the best.

5.) No Disasters.

First step is to evaluate for any potential risks. We will explain any computer maintenance hazards and get your okay before we begin work. Our preference is to synchronize your data & back it up before proceeding.

6.) On Time And On Budget.

Lack of Knowledge & lack of planning leads to extensions on project dates and increases budgets. It is unacceptable to lack professionality when it is being payed for.

7.) Billing Accuracy.

Your invoice will be accurate and completely spelled out – guaranteed. Any service we hope to provide is pre-approved by you. You will always know what you are paying for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does IT Dept, LLC work?

IT Dept, LLC provides managed services locally, both physically & remotely. Our clients receive PC, network and IT infrastructure care. We monitor your systems routinely and provide updates, patches & security checks.

What are “Managed IT Services”?

Managed IT Services is a proactive management of network technology assets by subscription. It is not a product. IT Dept, LLC, for example would be the Managed Service Provider (MSP), delivering an agreed upon service between you and us.

Do you provide programming & web development services?

Programming is the development of software. We manage the usefulness of the software once released. Web design is not within our current provided services, but we can help with recommendations.

What computing platforms do you support?

We support all of the computing platforms used in small to medium-sized business offices including: Windows (desktop and server versions), Virtualization Environments using Citrix and VMware, Macintosh, and Linux.

Do you sell hardware and software?

Yes, we provide technology evaluation and procurement services. We manage every step of the process: recommending software and hardware, the ordering and financing process, and properly disposing of technology at the end of its useful life.

What is your definition of a small to medium-sized business?

IT Dept, LLC focuses on businesses that have 5 to 99 computers per office or location.

Do you offer part-time and full-time staffing?

A better question; do you need any onsite staffing? With the proper IT network set-up, most small or medium sized businesses do not need a regular onsite IT staff. But all businesses do need a 24/7 IT support line. There is a wide range of technology & expertise that no single in-house person or small staff is to accommodate. Using a Managed IT Service partner like IT Dept, LLC is the right business choice. We can address all computer network challenges.

How much can I expect to pay for your services?

IT Dept, LLC services are very competitive, & customized to meet each clients unique needs. There is a monthly fixed fee allowing our clients simplicity for their network maintenance needs. Projects that enhance or augment the computer network environment are outside the scope of IT Dept, LLC Services and charged accordingly. Most of IT Dept, LLC clients begin with a comprehensive Network Assessment also referred to as a System Health Check to determine the reliability of their computing environment. The results determine the amount of ongoing monthly care your computer network requires.

Is there an IT Dept, LLC location near me?

Though IT Dept, LLC is headquartered in Seattle, WA., many of our clients have branch offices outside of King County. We are able to maintain and manage their systems with our remote support tools and the collaboration of a local qualified IT Support Professional. We continually provide support for our clients we have maintained throughout Washington, Oregon & Alaska.

Do you recycle computer hardware?

The proper removal & disposal of computer hardware is very important. If not done correctly, this can be a huge financial cost, including possible fines. Contact us today and we will run you through the deinstallation process that preserves your data, and recycles the hardware properly.

 When you hire a Company EmployeeWhen you contract with IT Dept, LLC
Interviewing and finding a qualified person.Your responsibilityOur responsibility
Taxes, social security, medicareYou PayWe Pay
InsuranceYou PayWe Pay
Technical SupportRely on other employees that could lead to increased down timeOur network of professionals can have you up and running sooner
Support when employees are sick or on vacationIncreased work load on other employeesOur team of professionals can fill the gaps in coverage
Support when work load is heavyNew hire, temp hireWe provide, to accomplish tasks in most proficient manner
An individual no longer meets your needsYou let them go and pay unemploymentOur problem and we will find you a member who better meets your needs

Customer Service

Are you a client of ours, or a potential customer in need of immediate support? Our “Quick Support” link allows us to see what you see. We can easily point out issues and guide your hand on resolving the problem you are experiencing.

To make things easier, our “Host Support” link allows us to perform the tasks ourselves. If navigating your PC is a frustration, we can manage the process. Contact us immediately if you are experiencing a technical issue that requires a rapid response!

IT Dept, LLC’s staff is knowledgeable, professional and personable. They respond quickly to our needs and go the extra mile to ensure our equipment and systems function well.

Deborah Horn

Great Alaska Adventures

We rely tremendously on our computer systems and IT Dept, LLC is easy to talk to and knowledgeable staff has been here for us since 2010.

Jackie Beck

PML Property Management

The group class helped improve our staff’s literacy with Microsoft Excel 2013. The Instructor simplified learning with the hands-on guided lessons. Overall, two-thumbs up!”

Carlson Kim

Bank of America

Mark continues to do an excellent job in his Information Technology consultant role and his services have proven to be vital to our multiple Family Pancake House Restaurants and our Administrative Office Hub.

R. Mathwig

Tekline Roofing


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